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Road tripping New Zealand is the greatest adventures you'll ever have! 

The landscapes, the people, the beauty will change your life-- Trust us. It totally changed ours. 

Now, how should you travel New Zealand? Buying a campervan is the cheapest and most freeing way to explore the country.

I know- It's intimidating to think about buying a car in a foreign country. No worries, we've got you covered!

We bought and sold a camper making NZ$800 and spent five months traveling the country. We made all the mistakes for you.

Now, we've created this how-to guide to tell you step-by-step what to do to save you time and money to get you on the road and out adventuring in beautiful New Zealand!

What We SHare:

  • Where to buy cheap campervans

  • What prices to expect

  • What to look for when test-driving

  • Which government forms to complete

  • How to find free and cheap campsites each night

Let's save you time and stress!

Get your copy on Kindle or in paperback. 

My husband and I got this book in January when we arrived to New Zealand... We purchased a campervan with ease thanks to the nuggets of advice in this book. We happily explored New Zealand for 3 months in our campervan, with not ONE problem! Yesterday we sold our beloved home on wheels for $2,000 MORE than we bought it! The process couldn’t have gone any better, and we give plenty of credit to Lindsey and Adam for taking the time to share their knowledge with others. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
— Brooke M., American Traveler

Let's save you time and stress!

Get your copy on Kindle or in paperback. 



Your book was soooo stinkin helpful!
— Brooke M., American Backpacker
I put this book to the test- a proven how-to guide. Save yourself the time and trouble and grab a copy.
— Matt J., American Traveler
A must-have practical guide to traveling New Zealand by campervan.
— Adam Hutchinson, CamperMate Founder
If you’re planning to travel by car or van, this is a must read. This book guides you with what questions to ask, what to look for on a camper and simplifies everything. Opt for easy and use this book.
— Tim S., American Traveler
Just finished your book! We’ll be buying a campervan in NZ soon. Thank you so much! Very helpful!
— Liz and Corey, American Travelers
Wish I had this step-by-step guide to buy a camper when I traveled NZ.
— Tim B., Canadian Backpacker

Get your copy to save you time and stress. 

In Kindle and paperback versions. 

About the Authors

Hey guys! We're Lindsey and Adam Nubern. We've been traveling the world since June 2014. Our first international stop on our #nuventures was New Zealand. We hadn't done any research when we landed in Auckland. We frantically scrambled to decide how to travel. "Ah! Do we buy, rent or bus?" You can see our decision: Buy!

Why? It's the cheapest way to travel NZ and having your own camper van gives you the most freedom to go wherever, whenever!

The process wasn't easy for us. We spent seven days crabby and sweaty scouring the city trying to buy a campervan and navigate the buying process in a foreign country. Who wants to spend a week stuck in a city buying a car in a new country you can't wait to explore? Us and you! 

That's why we wrote this book. We had more arguments test-driving campers than wedding planning. Seriously! We made so many mistakes, we couldn't keep our lessons learned to ourselves. We had to share our "do's and definitely don'ts" with you. Buy our book to save yourself time, stress, and money and have a few laughs at us. And, enjoy New Zealand. The country changed our lives and we hope it does the same for you. Cheers! L+A

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Ready to Campervan New Zealand?

Follow our step-by-step guide to save you time and stress!

Let's get you on the road adventuring right away!