Nuventure Travels was 5 years in the making. We dreamed of the opportunity of just going, leaving everything and exploring the world. We knew this was something we had to do and would always regret if we didn’t. So, we made a strategy and were intentional with working toward our goals. Here’s how we prepared:


ld jump badlands
ld jump badlands

We were and still are very intentional about our finances in saving, budgeting, and building credit card points for this lifestyle.

For more details on the nitty gritty of how we prepared and how we continue traveling, make your way here.


We started researching what other long-term travelers were doing. So many people have blazed the trail before us. Here's who we learned from:


Mish & Rob are household names for us and are a digital nomadic couple traveling the world and working as they go.

Buy their book Travel While You Work: The Ultimate Guide to Running a Business from Anywhere! We have read it several times front to back and we still refer to it when we need advice on sim cards, wifi solutions, finding accommodation and everything else. Mish covers absolutely everything in the book. Another cool tidbit, you will also find our names in the back!  We were interviewed by Mish and made it in her book!


Million Mile Secrets

All you need to know about racking up credit card points to get you around the world!

Never Ending Voyage

Simon and Erin, a digital nomadic couple traveling the world indefinitely and provide how to's.

Wandering Earl

Wandering Earl has been wandering for over 14 years and shares tips and inspiration to do it yourself!

Mighty Travels

Tips and insights on credit card points to travel further.

Nomadic Matt

Nomadic Matt has been a nomad traveling since 2006 and shares tips on how to travel without a lot of money.


Oh, the dreaded packing. If we powered through and did it, you can too!

We have downsized from a house, down to a car, down to a backpack. Here’s how:


  • Sold, donated, gave away most things
  • Stored furniture and meaningful items in amazing family and friends homes


  • Made necessary repairs
  • Found a renter
  • Hired a property manager


  • When we first set off, we road tripped the US for four months in our Honda Accord and tent camped.
  • We sold our Honda Accord two days before our flight to Hawaii beginning our backpacking travels.
  • Campervanned around New Zealand for five months. Check out how to buy and sell your own campa here.



Adam has traveled the world with only five shirts during his Semester at Sea trip in college. Packing a backpack was a breeze for him. Lindsey wasn’t so sure she could do it. Where to fit all of her beloved puffy vests?

Here's what we ended up with. Light, 40 L, carry on only backpacks that easily fit into the overhead bins of airplanes. Let’s just say Lindsey's puffy vests didn't make the cut.

Check out our packing lists here: