New Zealand Guide Book: How to Buy a Campervan in New Zealand


New Zealand Guide Book: How to Buy a Campervan in New Zealand

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The Must-Have Guide Book for Campervanning New Zealand

The perfect gift for you and your travel friend:)

"Super helpful. The 'go-to' book for travelers." - Corey A.

Buying a campervan is the cheapest and most freeing way to travel New Zealand. But, not sure how to buy one? We've got you covered! 

Get our complete step-by-step travel guide saving you time, money, and stress figuring it out for yourself. We take you step-by-step of what to do. 

You'll Learn: 

  1. Where to look for cheap campervans
  2. What prices to expect
  3. What to look for when test-driving
  4. Tips to negotiate the price down
  5. Which government forms to complete


  1. How to find free and cheap campsites each night
  2. Our buying and selling experience making NZ$800
  3. If you're still on the fence- we included a guide on how to decide how to travel New Zealand for your trip: Should you bus, rent or buy a campervan? 

What Travelers are Saying:

"Your book was sooo stinkin helpful!" - Brooke M. 

"Your book helped us in so many ways and saved us from buying a clunker. It was super helpful having a step by step guide the entire time for the buying/selling process and making sure we had all the correct forms, etc." - Corey A.

"I put this book to the test. A proven how-to guide. Save yourself the time and trouble and grab a copy." 
-Matt J.

"Wish I had this step-by-step guide to buy a camper when I traveled NZ." 
-Tim B.

"If you're traveling by van, this is a must read. It tells you everything you need to know."
-Tim S.

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