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Writing & Photography

Lindsey is a travel writer and photographer. She's published the travel guide How to Buy a Campervan in New Zealand and has done projects with Gear Junkie and the Bearded Sole.

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Adam is a CPA and owner of Nuventure CPA. He does accounting and tax work for digital nomads, full-time RVers, and location independent businesses. 

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Travel Consulting

Not sure how to make decisions for your upcoming travels? We saved up, quit our jobs, and have been traveling for 2.5 years now. Now, we've started businesses on the road. We'll help save you time and stress figuring all this out on your own.

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We'll share everything we've learned and resources we use.

We'll share our finances, how we saved, our budget, how we decided where to go, what we did, where we stayed, how we made certain decisions-- anything you're curious about. We want to help you get on the road!

One hour Q&A session with us: $100

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We've spoken to students about our travels, the writing process, and personal finance. 

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