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501 Questions: A Travel Game for Road Trips

Long road trip coming up? Anticipating lots of idle time waiting at the airport? Don't scroll. Have fun making new memories with these 501 great conversation starters for ages 4-104! 

Have fun with questions like:

Would You Rather: Find yourself standing in a flock of butterflies or swimming in a bioluminescent bay?

If You Could: Take a round-the-world trip, what would be the first country you'd visit on each continent?

Tell Me About: One thing you're itching to do you haven't done yet.

Travel Trivia: What country is known as The Land of Smiles?

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Question Categories Include:

501 Questions: A Travel Game Would You Rather Questions
501 Questions: A Travel Game If You Could Questions
501 Questions: A Travel Game Tell Me About Fun Questions
501 Questions: A Travel Game Trivia Questions

Take the GAME on every adventure! 

Road Trip

501 Questions: A Travel Game on a Road Trip

With Family

501 Questions: A Travel Game on a Date


501 Questions: A Travel Game at the Airport

With Friends

501 Questions: A Travel Game for Friends


Get ten more fun and free travel game ideas to pass the time on your next adventure!


Such great conversation starters!
— Tracy K., Money Smart Nomad
Kindling for great conversation!
— Katherine B.
This is gold! It transforms conversations into something with more meaning, more intention!
— Joy M., More Ahead
Funny, educational, and thought provoking. Get ready for open conversations and hilarious dialogue from these questions!
— Kevin B.
We have been needing this book for the past 10 years! The questions in this book have us laughing, deeply pondering, and digging deep into interesting conversations. We have found ourselves asking the questions later with friends and family at the dinner table, during hikes, or anytime we want to spruce up the conversation and even get to know people better.
— Lindsay M., Follow Your Detour




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501 Questions: A Travel Game



About the Author

Lindsey Desmarais Nubern, Putih the Traveling Pelican, Author

Lindsey Desmarais Nubern

Lindsey is a travel writer and photographer adventuring with her husband, Adam. The couple traveled full-time for four years on their worldwide #nuventures: campervanning New Zealand, backpacking Southeast Asia, traveling Europe, and tent camping and RVing the USA. Now they live part-time in Colorado and part-time traveling. You may have seen the couple buy their travel camper on HGTV's Tiny House Hunters

Lindsey is also the author of the guidebook How to Buy a Campervan in New Zealand and the children's book Putih the Traveling Pelican.

Connect with Lindsey on Instagram, Facebook, and at NuventureTravels.com.

501 Questions: A Travel Game

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We want to thank our Launch Team for their amazing support of 501 Questions: A Travel Game! These folks teamed up and propelled the game out into the world as the first to play it, review the game, and share it with friends and family. Thank you so much! We're honored to have your support! 

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501 Questions: A Travel Game