A simple Google search of "packing list + world travel" will show you how varied everyone's preferences are when globetrotting. I want things to be as simple as possible. I don't need fancy packing cubes; I opt for the gallon ziplock bags. When looking at clothing, I want a base wardrobe that is nimble enough to be used in multiple climates. Also, I'm known to be a penny pincher. I don't want to be throwing away stuff just to buy it again elsewhere.

So, with those things in mind, my packing scheme isn't the lightest and it isn't the most technical. It just gets the job done, which is seeing this amazing world of ours and not worrying about tearing my $500 puffy jacket on the last trek.



3: t-shirts 1: GoLite rain jacket 1: Merrell long sleeve 1: gym shorts 1: swimming trunks 1: pair of boxers 1: Exofficio boxers 2: Under Armour tights 1: pair of Hincapie merino wool socks 1: pair of Wigwam socks 1: bandana 1: Buff 1: skully cap 1: hat 1: belt 1: gloves 1: zip off pants


20150507_091355_1 1: Brooks tennis shoes 1: flip flops


1: eyeglasses 1: years worth of contact lenses 5: pairs of ear plugs

Outdoor Gear


1: Camelbak water reseviour 1: Big Agnes inflatable sleeping pad 1: Black Diamond headlamp 1: camping burner 1: lighter 1: bit of duct tape 1: Sawyer water filter 1: camping bowl 1: Sea to Summit spork

Lindsey and I share the load of our outdoor gear. Check her list for more outdoor gear we carry here.


1: Peppers sunglasses 1: MSR quick dry towel 2: extra batteries 1: Chico collapsable day pack


Be strategic in your storage system. I use four ziploc and vacuum storage bags to store all  of my clothes and gear. With a backpack, you are consistently pulling everything out, so it's easier to have fewer storage compartments than a lot of little ones as you unload your backpack to find something.