Honestly, packing was the worst part for me. It was so overwhelming! How do you pack one backpack that will hold everything you need for every type of situation and for every type of weather. Oh yeah, and make sure it will fit in tiny budget airline overhead bins, is light as it will become your fifth limb, and even carries your tent and sleeping pad! What?!? I know! It sounds impossible! Let me encourage you, if I can do it, you can, too!

Just a note before you read... Adam and I are outdoor enthusiasts and I decided hiking pants were more of a necessity than jeans. I also packed more workout style clothes than casual clothes. This has worked for me. You may have a different travel style, but this is a good guide to encourage you in light packing and you can swap my hiking pants for your skinny jeans. Oh, I do miss my skinny jeans!

The best advice I received while packing was to make sure all of your clothing options match. I'm a neutral gal, so I went with a neutral pallete.


1: 40L GoLite Backpack



1: GoLite rain jacket

1: HH fleece pullover

1: pair REI hiking pants

1: long sleeve

1: Buff headband/hat/neck guard

1: pair wool gloves

1: pair Smartwool wool socks

1: swim suit

2: sarongs

1: socks

2: scarves (if I couldn't have my puffy vests, I had to have my scarves)

2: work out shorts

2: casual shorts

1: pair yoga capris

3: tank tops

1: work out t-shirt

2: casual t-shirts

2: sports bras

1: bra

2: pairs of underwear



1: pair of Chacos

1: pair of Montrail trail running sneakers


1: Kelty tent

1: Traveller silk liner

1: Petzel headlamp


1: roll toilet paper (does come in handy!)

1: REI quick dry towel

1: Thermarest sleeping pad

1: Sea to Summit spork

1: Camelback water bladder

1: Big Agnes blow up pillow

Adam carries more of our outdoor gear. Check out his 

packing list



1: stick of mascara 1: blush 1: concealer


1: wedding ring (I wear a simple silver ring and left my real ring)

1: watch (so I didn't have to rely on my phone's charge for the time)

1: pair of earrings

1: necklace


1: lotion

1: face lotion with sunscreen

1: chapstick

1: retainer (you know I work that retainer!)

1: toothbrush

1: toothpaste

1: floss

1: pair of glasses

1: year's worth of contacts

1:bottle of contact solution

1: contact lens holder

1: bottle of ibuprofen

1: hair brush

1: stick of deoderant

1: travel shampoo

1: razor

1: Q tip (just kidding!)

3: hair bands

6: bobby pins

1: tweezer

1: cosmetic scissors

1: nail clippers


1: book (gotta have a good paperback)

1: journal for memories

1: official marriage license

1: copy of our passports

1: sunglasses

1: small/foldable purse



  1. Pack everything in ziploc bags and plastic storage bags (lightest option).
  2. Try to fit everything into a 30 L backpack. I haven't been able to make it work with my sleeping pad and tent. Wish I had a 30 L!

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