Where Are We?

We're currently in Colorado, USA. 

Four Months in Europe

This summer, we traveled four months in Europe. Here's our trip route:

Germany- Greece- Hungary- Romania- Serbia - Greece- Germany- Denmark- Norway- Finland- America


How We Travel

Slowly. Slow travel is our style. We've learned we don't want to jump from one new sight to the next and pack in as much as we can every single day. We've learned fast travel isn't very much fun for us.

We seek to observe, explore, learn, and experience different cultures. We want to have the time to meet locals for the opportunity to get invited to go deep sea fishing or learn fascinating new skills like shearing sheep and making jam. Those experiences are the most memorable and most fun!

Why? Slow travel allows more time. Time to be spontaneous, time to say yes to crazy invitations and the time to observe and engage in what is really around us.


Countries We've Traveled?

Since our #nuventures started in 2014, we've traveled to 17 countries. 

1. Australia

2. Canada

3. Malaysia

4. Singapore

5. New Zealand

6. Thailand

7. Indonesia

8. Vietnam

9. The United States

10. Germany

11. Greece

12. Hungary

13. Romania

14. Serbia

15. Denmark

16. Norway

17. Finland

18. Jamaica

19. Mexico


WhAT ARE Our Favorite Places?

We get this question a lot! We always answer with where we really want to go back.

These are:

  1. New Zealand: we want to do another campervanning trip with future kiddos:)
  2. Vietnam: the landscape of mountains and caves are unbelievable here
  3. Greece: the Mediterranean Sea is always calling my name
  4. Romania: Transylvania is beautiful