20 Fun Questions & Conversation Starters for a Camping Trip


20 Fun Questions & Conversation Starters for a Camping Trip

20 Fun Questions & Conversation Starters for a Camping Trip. NuventureTravels.com

Heading out for a camping trip with friends and family this weekend? Here’s 20 fun questions and trivia to take with you for around the campfire or on the drive there!

These 20 questions come from our new game 501 Questions: A Travel Game. You can get over 500 more fun questions in the book on Kindle or paperback on Amazon here for your upcoming trip!

20 Fun Questions, Trivia & Conversation Starters for Your Camping Trip

Would You Rather:

1.Camp on the beach or in the mountains?

2. Camp in an RV or tent?

3. Go car camping or backpacking?

4. Hear a coyote crying or a bear sniffing around next to your tent in the middle of the night?

5. Go hiking, fishing, go to a hot springs, or just chill at the campsite tomorrow?

If You Could:

20 Conversation Starters for Around the Campfire. NuventureTravels.com

6. Go camping at any National Park, which one would you want to visit?

7. Camp anywhere in the world next weekend, where would you go?

8. Make any dessert over the campfire tonight, what would you want?

9. Choose either to camp by yourself with no one else around or in a crowded camp site, which one would you choose?

10. Have any comfort from home on your camping trip, what would you bring with you?

Tell Me About:

11. The craziest or scariest camping experience you’ve had.

12. Your favorite campsite you’ve been to based on the scenery.

13. Your most memorable camping trip.

14. Where you want to camp next.

15. Your worst night of sleep you’ve gotten camping.

Travel Trivia:

16. What is the most visited National Park in the USA?

Answer: The Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The Park hosted more than 11 million visitors last year—nearly twice the number of the second most visited park, The Grand Canyon.

17. How many National Parks are there total in the USA? Are there 48, 52, 58, or 62 National Parks?

Answer: There are 58 U.S. national parks.

18. What country created the first National Park in the world?

Answer: Mongolia. In 1778 the Mongolian government established the first National Park in the world protecting the area around Bogd Khan Uul Mountain.

19. What decade was Smoky the Bear born? Was he born in the 1940’s, 1950’s, 1960’s, or 1970’s?

Answer: 1940’s. Smoky the Bear was created by the US Forest Service in August of 1944. The first image of Smoky was of him holding a bucket and pouring water over a campfire.

20. How do you put out a campfire properly?

Answer: The US Forest Service’s website states: "1. First, drown the campfire with water! 2. Next, mix the ashes and embers with soil. 3. Scrape all partially-burned sticks and logs to make sure all the hot embers are off them. 4. Stir the embers after they are covered with water and make sure that everything is wet. 5. Feel the coals, embers, and any partially-burned wood with your hands. 6. Everything (including the rock fire ring) should be cool to the touch. 7. Feel under the rocks to make sure no embers are underneath. 8. When you think you are done, take an extra minute and add more water. 9. Finally, check the entire campsite for possible sparks or embers, because it only takes one to start a forest fire. 10. Remember…if it is too hot to touch, it is too hot to leave. Please take the time to completely put out your campfire, it could prevent a wildfire."

20 Fun Questions and Trivia for a Camping Trip. NuventureTravels.com

We hope these questions spark fun new conversations for you on your camping trip! Get over 500 more awesome questions with our new game 501 Questions: A Travel Game! Find it on Amazon in Kindle or paperback.Thank you for supporting us!

-Lindsey & Adam Nubern

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20 Fun Questions, Trivia & Conversation Starters for a Camping Trip. NuventureTravels.com

Get More with 501 Questions: A Travel Game!

Get 501 more awesome conversation starters in our new game 501 Questions: A Travel Game! Have a blast with these on all of your adventures!

"Such great conversation starters!" -Tracy K., TheMoneySmartNomad.com


Have fun with the questions and thank you for supporting us!

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12 Tips to Pack a Carry On for Winter Travel


12 Tips to Pack a Carry On for Winter Travel

12 Tips to Only Pack a Carry On for Winter Trip. NuventureTravels.com

Packing only a carry on is hard enough any time of year (here’s twelve other tips we have for only packing a carry on), but when it’s winter and clothing is heavy and bulkier for cold weather, how do you only pack one carry on? We’ve learned some tips on our #nuventures. We traveled the world for two years to both hot and cold places with only carry on’s. You can see our packing lists here: Lindsey’s & Adams.

We like to only pack a carry on to save time, money, and stress. With a carry on, you save time before your flight without having to wait in line to check your luggage and after your flight waiting to pick it up at the carousel. We also only like to pack a carry on so we always have everything we need with us. We’ve heard horror stories from many friends who’ve never gotten their luggage from the airlines or it’s been a fiasco and huge inconvenience getting it back during their trip.

So, here’s twelve tips we’ve learned on how to still only pack one carry on for a trip during winter with cold weather ahead.

Side Note: If you’re heading out for Christmas, here’s 20 Fun Questions and Conversation Starters for Christmas from our fun new game 501 Questions: A Travel Game. It’s an awesome way to connect with your travel partners, family, and friends without turning to scrolling our screens during the down moments of travel.

12 Tips to Pack a Carry On for Winter Travel

1.     Pack One coat

First and foremost, only pack one heavy jacket to stay warm out in the elements. Make sure it’s a jacket you love and that’ll be warm enough (since you’ll be wearing it your whole trip) and can match all the clothes you plan to wear.

2.     Pack only One scarf, hat, and gloves that match everything

Next, only pack one scarf, hat, and set of gloves that match your one coat. Make sure you love them too since they’re the only ones you’ll be wearing for your trip. I always pack my gloves that are fingerless but can also be covered by mittens. I love finger freedom to use my phone and take pictures if needed, but can then be covered up for maximum warmth. If you don’t have room in your bag for these items, you can plan to buy these items when you reach your destination. That’s what I did when we went to Denmark.

3.     One pair of boots

How to Pack for a Winter Trip in a Carry On. NuventureTravels.com

Next, only pack one pair of warm boots if you can. I like packing my Sperry Duck Boots because they’re good for mud, snow, and are still considered fashionable with skinny jeans:)

4.     Wear bulkiest clothing to the airport

Then, plan to wear your bulkiest items to the airport so they’re not taking up unneeded room in your luggage. So plan to wear your biggest boots, heaviest jacket, and sweater to the airport.

5.     Layer Up

Now, as you choose your clothing, plan to layer your clothing for warmth. For me, I layer using a rain jacket/warm jacket, then under that a fleece, then under the fleece a long sleeve (I really love my ice breaker base), then under the long sleeve a t-shirt if needed or a tank top. This is how I spent two years as we traveled around the world in different climates from snow in Canada and New Zealand to the hot beaches of Southeast Asia. You can see how we layered our clothing for our two-year round the world trip only packing carry on’s here: Lindsey’s Packing List & Adam’s Packing List.

6.     Try Everything On Together and Mix & Match

One of the best pieces of advice I’ve received is to try everything on that you plan to pack to make sure you can mix and match tops and bottoms and everything matches your boots, coat, scarf, hat and gloves. I tend to stick to neutrals like khaki, denim, black, white, olive, and navy, so all can mix and match together. If one item of clothing is super unique and you’ll only wear it once, I encourage you to take it out and not pack it. To accessorize and if I have extra room, I pack a couple different necklaces and cute and light weight scarves.

7.     Roll or fold Clothes MariKondo style

As you pack your carry on, roll or fold your clothes MariKondo style. I used to roll my clothes like a taco until I learned MariKondo’s technique. When you roll your clothes like a taco, you stack it and can’t see everything when you open your bag. Mari’s technique helps keep your clothing organized so you’re not making a mess every time you try to find a new top or a pair of underwear. With MariKondo’s style, you fold your clothes into tight squares and pack everything vertically so you see everything you have in your bag when you open it. Packing game changer!

8.     No bulky sweaters, unless you wear one on the plane

Bulky sweaters take up so much space. So don’t plan to pack any bulky sweaters for your trip— unless if you really love them (like me)— plan to wear your favorite one to the airport.

9.     Plan to do Laundry

If you’re traveling for over a week, plan to do laundry. We recommend only packing clothing that you can throw in one load (so no red clothes!) so you’re not spending your travels in a new place waiting for several loads of laundry. If we’re not sure we’ll have access to a washer and dryer, we pack a couple tide pods for washing in the sink.

10.     Hygiene items- pack only essentials or not at all

Hygiene items can take up a lot of space and be heavy. You can either pack just the essentials or plan to get them when you arrive at your destination.

One hygiene item that’s become a must for me (since a friend introduced me to it) is this Downy wrinkle spray. It does an awesome job taking out wrinkles since I fold and pack my clothes tight and small.

11. Stuff socks into shoes

Wool and heavy socks can take up a lot of space, too. If you pack more than one pair of shoes, plan to stuff your socks into your shoes.

12. Put shoes in bags so you don’t get clothes dirty

Pack your shoes in bags so you don’t get your clothes dirty from the snow or mud or salt that you’ll be walking through on your fun adventures.

To see other packing tips we have for a carry on (like if you’re carrying a nice outfit you don’t want to fold into a tiny square), check them out here.

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12 Tips on How to Pack Only a Carry On for a Winter Trip. NuventureTravels.com

Get fun travel conversation starters for your trip!

We realized we were turning to scrolling our phones during the down times of travel, but the richest memories are when we turn to each other and have meaningful conversations! So, here’s over 500 fun conversation starters we wrote for you and your travel pals to create new memories together on your trip whether you’re waiting forever in airport security or chilling at the ski lodge! Get it on Kindle or paperback on Amazon here.

“This is gold! It transforms conversations into something with more meaning, more intention!”

-Joy Morehead, @More_Ahead


Have fun with the questions and thank you for supporting us!

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How to Stay Warm Camping in Your RV During Cold Winter Weather (Especially for Sleeping): 13 Must Have Gear Items


How to Stay Warm Camping in Your RV During Cold Winter Weather (Especially for Sleeping): 13 Must Have Gear Items

9 Must Have Items for Staying Warmer in Your RV During Winter Especially for Sleeping

It can get super cold when you’re camping in winter, especially when you boondock a lot without electricity to turn on your heater!

For most holidays, we make an annual cross-country trip from Colorado to Georgia to hang with family for Thanksgiving and Christmas. With this kind of trip, we know we’re taking our chances with the weather. Last year, we got hit with a freak ice storm in Fairhope, Alabama! We had to do an emergency hunker down for a few days.

The fiberglass of our Casita is pretty thin (take a tour of our camper before and after here), with minimal insulation from the cold. I’ve learned there’s 13 things we have to have to keep us warm and in good spirits in the RV in winter. Before you take off in cold weather, I wanted to share my checklist with you to make sure you’re ready too:)

Update: We camp so often in cold weather, we decided to invest in installing a heater that runs off of our propane tanks.

13 Must Have’s to Stay Warm Camping in Your RV During Cold Winter Weather

1.Mr. Buddy (when boon docking)

Before we installed a heater in our Casita that runs off of our camper’s propane tanks, we used Mr. Buddy when we’re boon docking and not plugged into electricity. He runs on the small green propane tanks you can get from Walmart. We place him in the middle of our floor.

2. Space heater (when plugged in at a campsite)

Again, before we installed a heater in our Casita, we used a regular space heater for when we’re plugged in at a campsite with electricity, so we’re not using up lots of green propane bottles from Walmart with Mr. Buddy.

How to Stay Warm Camping in Your RV 13 Must Haves. NuventureTravels.com.jpg

3. Rugs

Make sure you have rugs on your floor to give you extra protection from the thin and frigid floor of the camper.

Our Casita Spirit Deluxe has a unique layout that took me a few months to figure out a good rug set up to protect our floor from spills and stains and also provide warmth from the camper’s underbelly. We found a natural fiber rug to run down the center of the floor from the bathroom to the bed.

4. Flannel Sheets

We’ve learned flannel sheets are a must in winter and we love our flannel sheets! They keep us super warm and cozy at night and I love them because they keep your face warm on the pillow all night. I get so cold and uncomfortable if we use our summer sheets because my hair and face get cold from them.

5. Extra down comforter

This is a must too! Some nights require extra, extra warmth and an extra down comforter is key! You can get a simple down comforter from Walmart, or… we totally glamp out with this heavy fur blanket we got as a gift. Oh, my Lord! It’s so soft, heavy, and keeps us warm! Don’t judge, we LOVE it:)

6. Fleece blanket

If it’s super cold, I have a fleece blanket like this one I put under our flannel sheets and right over me to sleep. Fleece keeps me nice and cozy and is even better than flannel in my opinion!

7. Merino wool pajamas

How to Stay Warm in Your RV During Winter. NuventureTravels.com.jpg

When we’re living out of the camper in winter temperatures, you bet I wear both the top and bottom as my base layer 24/7. I use these both to sleep in and under my sweaters and jeans during the day. They keep me warm and toasty.

8. Hat

You may think I’m crazy, but when you’re boon docking in winter, it feels like you’re tent camping in winter. I wear this knit hat on my head all night to keep my head and ears warm while I’m sleeping.

9. Buff as a Neck Warmer

If my neck’s cold, I’m cold! One of our essential items we always carry in the winter or summer is a Buff. In the winter, we use it as a ear warmer, you can tie it into a hat, and at night I use it as a neck warmer to keep my neck warm. I totally recommend a Buff because it’s so light and you can use it year round in so many ways!

10. Fingerless Gloves

I love these wool fingerless gloves with a mitten cover, because they’re so practical! They keep my hands warm, but I can turn the pages of a book, use my cell phone, take photos with my camera, work on the computer. I recommend these gloves:)

11. Wool Socks

A whole category of gear for me is for my feet. If my feet are freezing, I can’t fall asleep. To make sure my feet stay toasty, I pack two or three pairs of the heavy duty wool socks with me. I use two pairs to wear during the day and a specific extra heavy pair in the camper at night and while I’m sleeping.

12. Slippers

Along with wool socks, I always have slippers that I slide on while in the camper. For me, it’s really important to have slippers that both support my arch and are thick on the bottom with rubber soles keeping my feet protected from the cold floor of the camper. I got these when I was pregnant and my feet were changing and love them!

13. Microwavable Slippers!

If you tend to camp with electricity and have a microwave, get these! I found these and they are now on my Christmas list!:) I won’t be able to use them all the time, because we don’t have a microwave and we tend to boon dock a lot but I gotta have them:)

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How to Stay Warm Camping in Winter in Your RV or Camper 13 Must Have Items. NuventureTravels.com

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10 Fun Adventure Ideas for the Fall


10 Fun Adventure Ideas for the Fall

10 Fun Adventure Ideas for Fall. NuventureTravels.com.jpg

It’s fall! With the season changing, want some fun autumn adventure and trip ideas to make the season special? Here’s ten fun fall adventure ideas to plan and take with your family or friends!

And, for your car rides, here’s 20 fun questions for fall to spark fun new conversations from our game 501 Questions: A Travel Game!

10 Fun Fall Adventures to Plan & Take

1.     Pumpkin Patch

Head to the local pumpkin patch and pick out pumpkins to carve or for decoration on the front porch or kitchen table.

2.     Apple Picking

Do you have a local apple orchard you can make a fun day trip to pick some apples and have some apple cider and donuts? Plan a day and go for it:)

3.     Fall Festival

Is there a local fall festival nearby? Set aside a weekend and make time to go. Text some friends and get a fun group together!

4.     Leaf Peeping

As the leaves change colors, we love to take trips into the mountains just to see the leaves. Here’s a list of the 10 Best Fall Foliage Trips in the US. Are any of these near you to make a day trip out of?

10 fun things to do this fall.NuventureTravels.com.jpg

5.     Photo shoot in the changing colors

While you’re out in the fall colors, pack your camera and tripod and take some fun photos!

6.     Haunted House

Right around Halloween time, get in the spirit with getting freaked out at a local Haunted House!

7.     Camping with Flannel and Hot Cocoa

There’s nothing like camping out in the fall with cool nights in flannel with hot chocolate in hand around the campfire. Is there a camping area you’ve been wanting to check out? Make a weekend of a fun fall camping trip! And, for your trip, here’s 20 Fun Questions, Trivia, & Conversation Starters for Around the Campfire!

8.     Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

I experienced the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta last year for the first time. It was a BLAST and I want to make it an annual tradition- it was SO MUCH FUN! Whether you can get to Albuquerque, NM this year or not, it’s a must to put on your bucket list. If you can’t make it, is there a local balloon festival you can make this fall?

9.     Corn Maze

Get lost in a local corn maze with your friends and family!

Fall trivia for you: What state in the USA is home to the largest corn maze in the world and is known to have people call 911 because they can’t figure out how to get out of the maze?

Answer: California. In Dixon, California, Cool Patch Pumpkin holds the Guinness World Record for the largest corn maze in the world at 60 acres. It’s common for people to call 911 because they can’t find their way out.

Get more fun fall questions from us here.

10. OktoberFest

Oh, and find an OktoberFest near you and enjoy good drinks and German food!

Lindsey & Adam Nubern. NuventureTravels.com

We hope these adventure ideas and our questions spark fun new conversations for you this fall! Get over 500 more awesome questions with our new game 501 Questions: A Travel Game! Find it on Amazon in Kindle or paperback.Thank you for supporting us!

-Lindsey & Adam Nubern

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10 Fun Things to Do in Fall. NuventureTravels.com.jpg


Get 501 more awesome conversation starters in our new game 501 Questions: A Travel Game! Have a blast with these on all of your adventures!

"Such great conversation starters!" -Tracy K., TheMoneySmartNomad.com


Have fun with the questions and thank you for supporting us!

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