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Surprise Destination: Dead Lakes Recreation Area, Florida


Surprise Destination: Dead Lakes Recreation Area, Florida

Thanks to Campendium!

After the holidays visiting with our families in Georgia, the plan was to head west to Arizona. Bah! Silly us! Plans- why do we make them? They always change!

With our Ford Explorer hauling our Casita, if Google Maps says 10 hours to get somewhere, it will take us double time to get there. We plan for a 20 hour trip. With tax season in full swing, for Adam that wasn't the best decision. 

We re-routed ourselves and headed south to Florida. We never expected 2017 would keep us in the Southeast.

Yes, we're 30 and snow birds already. We're claiming it!

Our destination in Florida: Camel Lake Campground in Apalachicola National Forest.

Why? It was a green spot on the map and only $10 per night. 

Morning Fog at Camel Lake Campground, Apalachicola National Forest, Florida, USA

We've learned too much research and too many decisions burn us out. So,  we make a decision and are flexible. Anything can happen along the journey.

We arrived at dusk and learned- no Verizon coverage. We never thought of ourselves as being "those" people attached to the internet when we're out in the woods. To live this lifestyle, we are. That's the reality.  

Dusk at Camel Lake Campground in Apalachicola National Forest, FL

Next Destination: Dead Lakes Recreation Area, Wewahitchka, Florida

Success! Four bars of Verizon. And, only $14 per night for water, power, fire wood, and laundry.

Lesson learned: Check out coverage at campsites before you arrive on Campendium! And, we called to triple check.

It's the perfect spot out in the middle of "nowhere." (It's only thirty minutes to Panama City, Florida if you want to get some activity.) It's the perfect spot to land for a lot of quiet time and little distraction. And- for photographers and fishermen/women.

The Apalachicola River changed course killing the trees in this area reasoning the name Dead Lakes. The bird watching is amazing here! Haven't seen gators- yet! 

The folks in the campsite have welcomed us as family and have been wonderful to us. Thankful for this gem near the Forgotten Coast of Florida.

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Watch a video of a Friday morning on the dock. 

Your turn! What are camping lessons have you learned the hard way? We all live and learn, eh?