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20 Fun Road Trip Questions, Trivia, & Conversation Starters


20 Fun Road Trip Questions, Trivia, & Conversation Starters

Taking a road trip? Here’s 20 fun questions, trivia, and conversation starters to make fun new memories with your travel pals instead of scrolling our phones. Have fun with these!

20 Fun Road Trip

Questions, Trivia, & Conversation Starters

Would You Rather:

1.     Take a road trip via the back roads or interstate?

2.     Have a map or go without a map?

3.     Return to somewhere you already know you like or visit a new place you’ve never been before?

4.     Be totally disconnected on a trip or carry your phone with you?

5.     Be driving to Las Vegas or New York?

If You Could:

6.     Do a round-the-world trip, what would be the first country you’d visit on each continent?

7.     Make the clouds rain down anything, what would they rain down?

8.     Write a book about your life, what would the theme of your book be?

9.     Be fluent in another language, which one would you choose?

10.  Name yourself, what would your name be?

20 Fun Road Trip Questions, Trivia, Conversation Starters

Tell Me About:

11.  The top three items on your bucket list.

12.  One thing you’re excited about for this trip.

13.  Your top three pet peeves.

14.  A time you were courageous.

15.  Your most embarrassing moment.

Travel Trivia:

16.  What are the three happiest countries in the world?

Answer: Norway, Denmark, and Iceland

17.  What country is credited with building the first modern car?

Answer: Germany by Karl Benz in 1885.


18.  What continent has the longest mountain range?

Answer: South America: The Andes


19.  What are the names of the five Great Lakes between the US and Canada?

Answer: Superior, Ontario, Michigan, Huron, and Erie


20.  What state is home to the least visited U.S. National Park?

Answer: Alaska with Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve


Bonus! What country boasts the world’s tallest bungee jump?

Answer: China at the Macau Tower, with a height of 764 feet (233 meters), equivalent to 70

stories high.

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