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How We Work Remotely from Our Camper


How We Work Remotely from Our Camper

I've been busting to share this, because we found a game changer for how we work in our camper! Well, Adam's had this figured out for awhile. I'm late to the party and it's a good one!

When we transitioned to living and working in the camper, Adam set himself up with a stand up desk and a Roost Stand to protect his posture by bringing the computer to eye level. 

I didn't think this was important until I saw a video of me working. 

I'm a hunchback on my computer! 

You can look- the moment's only 11 seconds in. 

I couldn't believe what I looked like in the video! 

I freaked! I don't want to be a hunchback at 30! 

Adam's always told me my posture is terrible. However, he'd tell me when I was super focused on a project. I'd sit up straight for a minute then get engrossed in the project again resuming hunchback position. 

After seeing the video- I was converted!

I bought myself a Roost Stand on the spot. That's the fastest $70 I've ever spent! Knowing us, you know we'll debate and research days over spending $3 on a taco. 

Now, we both use Roost stands, but have had to make adjustments. 

Be warned! We're a sight when we both post up with our Roost stands at coffee shops. We get a lot of curious looks. The stand's have proved to be the best conversation starter to meet locals in a new spot!

Our Different Gear Setup for Working


I do a lot of writing and editing pictures as a photographer. To make using the Roost Stand comfortable, I needed to get two more things:

  1. Wireless mouse. Found this at Walmart for $10.
  2. Wireless keyboard. I snagged one for $15 at Staples.

For less than $100 I got myself un-hunched! I gotta prioritize my back and neck!

Lindsey's Gear for Writing and Photography

Roost Stand

Wireless Mouse

Wireless Keyboard


As an accountant, Adam's in spreadsheets and punching numbers. He's added six new things:

  1. Wireless mouse
  2. Ten key number pad
  3. USB hub to connect the iPad as a dual screen using the app Duet
  4. Stand up desk
  5. Rumble roller

Adam's Gear for Accounting Work

1. Roost Stand

2. Ten Key Pad

3. USB Port

4. Rumble Roller

5. Stand Up Desk

Custom built by Bel Espwa Designs

6. Dual Screen App by Duet

Changes your iPad to a dual screen

Wifi Setup

We have to duplicate coverage by having both AT&T and Verizon service on the road.

Our main source: Verizon's MiFi Hotspot. We get 12GB for $90 per month. 

For backup when there's no Verizon signal, we use our AT&T phones as hot spots.

To boost our service, we just got a wifi booster. We had trouble finding any signal in Florida and had to re-route ourselves. Hopefully this will help. 

Verizon MiFi Hot Spot

weBoost Wifi Booster

Check out more gear we use on the road here

Your turn! What's on your desk that you can't live without?