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Men's Around-the-World Minimal Packing List


Men's Around-the-World Minimal Packing List

How do you pack to travel the world for several months and lots of different climates?

When I was packing to travel the world with my wife, Lindsey (see her packing list here), I wanted things to be as simple and minimal as possible. I didn’t want to spend extra money on anything I didn’t need, like fancy packing cubes. I found that ziploc gallon bags and storage bags did a great job compartmentalizing my gear.

I wanted to put my money toward espresso in Italy and pad thai in Thailand, so I used gear I already had including our camping gear and my clothes.

So, with those things in mind, my packing list isn't the lightest and it isn't the most technical. It’s the gear and clothes I had that I packed.

I used this packing list for 2 years to travel to over 19 countries with my wife Lindsey.   

Use this is a guide to jump start your packing list.

 This packing list will guide you in packing for:

  • Carry-on luggage only

  • All weather- hot and cold you may encounter

  • Covering you for many months and years

A note about my list: I've included affiliate links to share the gear I used on our trip if you want to get what I used. By purchasing your gear through these links, you're supporting us. Thank you!




1: 40L Backpack


Mens Round the World Minimal Packing List.

1: lightweight hooded rain jacket

1: long sleeve

3: t-shirts

1: zip off pants

1: gym shorts

1: swimming trunks

1: pair of boxers

1: Exofficio boxers

2: Under Armour tights

1: pair of Hincapie merino wool socks

1: pair of Wigwam socks

1: bandana

1: Buff

1: skully cap

1: hat

1: belt

1: gloves


Mens RTW Packing List.

1: Brooks tennis shoes

1: flip flops


1: eyeglasses

1: years worth of contact lenses

5: pairs of ear plugs


Mens Round the World Minimal Packing List.

1: Camelbak water reservoir

1: Big Agnes inflatable sleeping pad

1: Black Diamond headlamp

1: camping burner

1: lighter

1: bit of duct tape

1: Sawyer water filter

1: camping bowl

1: Sea to Summit spork

Lindsey and I share the load of our outdoor gear. Check her list for more outdoor gear we carry here.


1: cell phone

1: cell phone charger

1: portable charger

1: laptop

1: laptop charger

1: ipad

1: outlet adapter for all countries


1: sunglasses

1: quick dry towel

2: extra batteries

1: Chico collapsable day pack

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