How did we get here?

A dream, a plan and guts.

A dream

There is an unquenchable desire in Adam and I to go, see, and experience new places, cultures and peoples. It’s just in us. Our biggest fear was for this dream to never come to fruition. So to make this a reality, we made a plan.

A plan

First day of #nuventures
First day of #nuventures

Adam is a thoroughbred accountant, so before we were ever engaged, Adam would share daydreams with me of what our budget would look like once we were finally together and sharing our incomes. So, saving for this trip has always been a part of our plan for the future. A week after being married, we rallied and built our budget solely from one of our incomes and intentionally placed the other income into our savings, so we couldn’t touch the money. Then, we began implementing the envelope system to only use cash for expenses. This was extremely effective and kept our expenses in check. Six months later, friends of ours took a trip to Mexico solely on credit card points. Adam’s accounting genius and determination led him to start travel hacking with credit card points. Our resources for this journey consist of our savings and credit card points with airlines and hotels.


It took guts. Guts to decide to do it, to leave security blankets, to set a departure date, to end our jobs, tell family and friends, to pack the house, to load the car and drive the first mile. With the encouragement of other travelers like, Never Ending Voyage, Nomadic Matt, and Wondering Earl, we knew we could take a swing at it!


Meet new folks. Explore the world. Adventure. Be aware. Learn.

Where are we going?

Not sure! One of the goals we have set for ourselves is to not have a plan. The best part of traveling is the random, spontaneous happenings of meeting the locals, hearing their favorite spots in town or even better, getting to tag along with them. However, we do want to see our family and friends and have extreme adventures with our gociety folks, so we will be giving a heads up to what region we are heading towards as we know.

When can we see you?

The best part of traveling is sharing our experiences with people, hopefully you! We are firm believers in the more the merrier! Please, please leave comments and stay in touch so we can see you soon!

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