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3 pics

We are so pumped to share about our partnership with Gociety with ya'll! We have learned that traveling is so much more fun when you adventure with community and that is what Gociety is all about. Gociety’s mission is to get folks together and go be awesome outside. You can “create” a Gociety event whenever and wherever. Want to go on a three mile jog and get beers after? Create a Gociety event and see if someone in the area wants to join in on the awesomeness. Want to do a century bike ride followed by three scoops of ice cream at a local joint? Chances are there is someone in your area wanting to do the exact same thing. Gociety is wanting to bridge the gap for adventurers and travelers.

We have big hopes for Gociety’s growth. Our vision is for folks to be able to travel around the world and use Gociety to meet adventurers in the location that they want to have a memorable event outside. Imagine if you book a trip to Italy and a local has created a Gociety event that tours the Tuscan wine country! All you would have to do is join the event, saddle up and meet all of these awesome, like-minded adventurers!

Currently, Gociety is featuring us on their blog as we travel around the country. We are doing our best to spread the potential that this platform will provide in connecting folks and creating community. Check out Gociety's first blog post about us here.

So, get excited with us and create a Gociety event in your area. Don’t be nervous and don’t get frustrated if no one joins the first event that you create.  This is a chance to be a part of something new and creative!


Adam and Linds