Luxurious. The last three weeks have been absolutely fabulous, dahling. For us on our nuventures, we have been living the high life! Thank you to all of our wonderful and extremely generous family and friends that have filled our daylight hours with the best company we could wish for. Highlights include: cups of coffee catching up at the kitchen counter, endless slobbery puppy kisses and belly rubs, hitting golf balls at the club, playing chicken in the pool, grabbing fresh veggies from the garden, running errands around town, and extreme mountain biking and running trails. Our nights have been spoiled with delicious meals around the dinner table, hot showers, the sweet hum of air conditioning, beds with sheets that have us cuddling up with the pure smell of Downy, and movie nights curled up on couches. We have enjoyed and cherished every moment of being in the presence of family and friends. We are so blessed!

Since we have been spoiled, today we are a bit anxious, a tad nervous to be on our own, and have a lot of growing excitement to go, go, go! We are onward ho west for five straight weeks! It's hilarious to realize that the normalcy we crave is the road, the wind in our hair, being blinded by the setting sun on the horizon, pitching the tent each night and cooking meals in the skillet on the Coleman. We never thought this would be normal

Ahha! We finally have a plan! So, here is our tentative road map for this segment and some big spots we hope to hit:

  1. Bad Lands National Park, SD
  2. Mount Rushmore, SD
  3. Black Hills National Park, SD
  4. Glacier National Park, MT
  5. Banff, AB
  6. Jasper, AB
  7. Squamish, BC
  8. Vancouver, BC
  9. Seattle, WA
  10. Portland, OR
  11. Redwoods National Park, CA
  12. Jackson, WY
  13. Colorado Springs, CO
  14. Steamboat Springs, CO

We know you have lived or traveled to these spots and have had your own adventures that you are pumped to share! Please leave comments to this post with your thoughts so we can learn from you. If you are on our route at the same time, we would love to see you! 

Amazing memories were made over the past three weeks. We are filled with so much love, full bellies, encouragement to keep going, and our phones are maxed with too many pictures. Enjoy!