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20 Fun Questions for Traveling with Kids


20 Fun Questions for Traveling with Kids

Traveling with kiddos? Tired of the whining “Are we there yet?!” or everyone sucked into their devices? Here’s 20 fun questions to spark new and fun conversations with your kids on the road and make the time fly by. These will have you laughing together and making fun new memories! These questions are just a few from our new game 501 Questions: A Travel Game:)

20 Fun Questions for Traveling with Kids

Would You Rather:

1.     Explore a castle or a cave?

2.     Take an elephant or camel ride?

3.     Have a rocket backpack or light speed shoes to travel on your trip with?

20 Fun Questions to Ask Your Kids On a Road Trip

4.     Get a hug from a panda bear or monkey?

5.     Meet a hibernating alligator or hibernating bear?


If You Could:

6.     Make the clouds rain down anything, what would they rain down?

7.     Speak another language, which one would you choose?

8.     Travel back in time, which time would you choose in history?

9.     Be free from doing one chore, which one would it be?

10.  Throw a party and everyone you invited came, who would be the first three people you’d invite?


Tell Me About:

11.  Your top three pet peeves.

12.  Your favorite family vacation you’ve been on.

13. One thing you’re thankful for this year.

14. Your secret talent.

15. Two people you admire the most and why.


Travel Trivia:

Our fav world traveling fam- The Moreheads! You can follow them on Instagram @more_ahead!

Our fav world traveling fam- The Moreheads! You can follow them on Instagram @more_ahead!

16.  What is the fastest animal on earth?

Answer: The Peregrine Falcon, which reaches speeds of 200 mph (322 kmh) while in a dive.

17. True or False? Australia has more people than kangaroos.

Answer: False. There are about two kangaroos for each person in Australia.

18. What’s the most spoken language on Earth? Is it English, Spanish, French, or Mandarin Chinese?

Answer: Mandarin Chinese.

19. Can you name two animals that can change their color?

Answer: Some species of frogs, octopus, foxes, hares, fish, chameleons, lizards and seahorses.

20. What country has the world’s largest food fight every year where people throw tomatoes at each other? Is it Italy, Spain, or Greece?

Answer: Spain at La Tomatina Festival.

20 Fun Questions for Traveling with Kids. Lindsey Nubern.

We hope these questions spark fun new conversations with your kiddos on your trip! Get 501 more awesome questions with our new game 501 Questions: A Travel Game! Find it on Amazon in Kindle or paperback. -Lindsey & Adam Nubern

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Get 501 more awesome conversation starters in our new game 501 Questions: A Travel Game! Have a blast with these on all of your adventures!

"Such great conversation starters!" -Tracy K.,


“This is gold! It transforms conversations into something with more meaning, more intention!”

-Joy Morehead, @More_Ahead


How to Hang Frames on Carpeted Walls of Casita Travel Trailer


How to Hang Frames on Carpeted Walls of Casita Travel Trailer

How do you hang frames or other stuff on your Casita Travel Trailer’s carpeted walls?

Metal curtain hooks!


How To:

Insert the long, straight side of the pin down into the carpeted wall. Use the hook side to hang your frame from.

They work great! The previous owner of our Casita shared this tip with us.

Where to get the hooks:

You can get them at any fabric store like Jo-Ann Fabrics. You can also find them at Walmart. Or, you can ship them straight to your house from Amazon here.

Before You Start Driving:

Make sure you take down your frames before you start driving with the Casita. You don’t want the frames to pop off and glass to shatter everywhere.

Before we start driving, we take the frames down and put them face down on our bed. When we arrive at our destination, we put them back up. It takes a couple minutes.

More Ideas:

Have fun decorating! If you’re looking for some inspiration and ideas, here’s some photos of how we renovated/decorated our Casita. Safe and happy travels! -Lindsey

How to Hang Frames on Carpeted Walls of Casita Travel Trailer

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How to Hang Frames on Carpeted Walls.jpgHow to Hang Frames on Carpeted Walls of Casita Travel Trailer


6 Must Have Items for Better Sleep in Your RV


6 Must Have Items for Better Sleep in Your RV

How to Get Good Sleep In Your RV

How to get good sleep in your RV? We want it, too! As full-time RVer’s we’ve had our fair share of no sleep nights. Either, we find an awesome, secluded spot and in the middle of the night someone pulls up next to us with their lights on, music up, and generator running. Come on, y’all! Or, one of us is ready to sleep and the other’s not and wants lights on, so we’re both frustrated.

We’ve been there, too! Here’s a list of 6 must have things to get good sleep. And, through researching, here are 7 tips we’ve found to get better sleep in your RV.

6 Must Have’s for Better Sleep in Your RV

  1. Ear Plugs

Adam’s a super sensitive sleeper, so if he gets woken up, it’s a good chance he’s up the rest of the night tossing and turning. So he keeps a tiny bag of ear plugs under his pillow to keep any noises (my turning of a book page or noisy neighbors) out of ear shot.

He has the bright orange neon ones just like these I found on Amazon.

Foam Ear Plugs


2. Eye Mask

If you want to take a nap in the camper mid-day or your partner wants to read with the lights still on, snag one of these. We got ours from an international flight we took and still use it. Or, grab one on Amazon. Ooooo! Silky, silky!

Silk Eye Mask


3. Head Lamp

For us, we rarely doze off at the same time. A lot of nights one of us is still reading while the other wants to pass out. Instead of keeping overhead lights on to light our book, we’ve found that using our head lamps is better for the other person sleeping. The headlamp keeps the light more directed into the book instead having an overhead light on making it hard for the other person to fall asleep.

Here’s the headlamp I use and it has three settings of light.

Head Lamp


4. Awesome Mattress

One of the best things you can do for yourself is invest in a good mattress! We LOVE our mattress and it’s not expensive- less than $250!

The best sleep we get is on this mattress in our camper! We’re not exaggerating. We’d rather sleep in our camper at family and friend’s houses when we’re visiting. Shhh… don’t tell them:)

We bought our camper from another couple and they included this mattress in the sale. However, we love it so much, when we recently moved back into our house in Colorado, I bought these same mattresses for in our home while we’re base camping there part time of the year. We totally recommend this mattress with five stars!

Spa Sensations Memory Foam Mattress, 8 inch, Full Size


5. Cool Sheets for Summer

We’ve found that our sheet choice really affects our sleep in the different seasons. We have cool sheets for hot, muggy summer nights and flannel for cold, winter nights.

I’ve been hearing a lot about these bamboo sheets that stay cool all night. Right now we have cotton, but we may try these for next summer! Wanted to share this with you:)

Cool Sheets for Summer


6. Flannel Sheets for Winter

We love our flannel sheets! They make a huge difference in the winter months keeping us warmer all night. Here’s a list of must have winter items I keep on hand too to make sure I keep myself warm. If not, I’m a cold grouch!

Just seeing these flannel sheets makes me want to crawl into bed for a nap:)

Deliciously cozy Eddie Bauer flannel sheets… time for a nap!


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6 Must Have Items to Get Good Sleep in Your RV

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