20 Fun Questions for at the beach. NuventureTravels.com

Hanging out at the beach and want some fun conversation starters? Here are 20 fun questions and trivia to spark new conversation with your beach pals while you chill and listen to the waves crash on the sand.

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20 Fun Questions & Trivia for Chilling at the Beach

Would You Rather:

1. Swim in the ocean or at the pool?

2. Play volleyball, go for a walk, or read and nap on the beach?

3.  Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef or scuba dive a shipwreck right now?

4. Get sun burned so bad your first day at the beach that you can’t be out in the sun again or have it rain every day on your trip?

5. Forget your sunglasses or your sunscreen?

If You Could:

20 Fun Questions and Trivia and Conversation Starters for Chilling at the Beach. NuventureTravels.com

6. Go parasailing for free right now, would you?

7. Either swim with dolphins or a whale shark tomorrow, which experience would you choose?

8. Have someone serve you any food and drinks on the beach right now, what are all the goodies you’d order?

9. Travel to three countries this year, which ones would you choose?

10. Relax your entire trip at the beach, how would you spend your time?


Tell Me About:

11. The craziest moment you've ever experienced at the beach.

12. The most embarrassing bathing suit situation you've ever had.

13. Your dreams. Do you dream in color or black and white?

14. The coolest thing you've found on the beach.

15. One of your favorite trips to the beach.

Travel Trivia:

16. What country has the most coastline in the world?

Answer: Canada

17. What state in the U.S. has an area called the Treasure Coast?

Answer: Florida. The Treasure Coast is on the Atlantic side of the state and got it’s name from treasure found from the Spanish Treasure Fleet that was shipwrecked in a hurricane in 1715.

20 Fun Questions and Trivia and Conversation Starters for a Trip to the Beach

18. What's the largest mammal in the ocean?

Answer: The blue whale. The whale is known as the largest animal to have ever existed by getting up to about 100 feet long and weighing 100-150 tons!

19. What ocean has the deepest point on Earth that we know of?

Answer: The Pacific Ocean has the deepest point on Earth that we know of. This area is known as the Mariana Trench. It’s located near Guam.

20. How tall is the world’s largest sandcastle and what country was it built in?

Answer: The Guinness World Records states the world’s tallest sandcastle is 54 feet and 9 inches tall and was built in Duisburg, Germany in September 2017. The record states, “It took 168 trucks over a week to deliver the sand!”

20 Fun Questions and Trivia for on the Beach. NuventureTravels.com

We hope these questions spark fun new conversations while you’re chillin on the beach! Get 501 more awesome questions with our new game 501 Questions: A Travel Game! Find it on Amazon in Kindle or paperback. Have fun! -Lindsey & Adam Nubern

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20 Fun Questions and Trivia for Chilling at the Beach. NuventureTravels.com

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