20 Fun and Free Christmas Conversation Starters

Whether you’re relaxing around the Christmas tree together or in the car on a long road trip over the holidays, here are 20 fun questions and trivia to spark fun new conversation for you, your family and friends. Have fun!

20 Fun Christmas Questions & Trivia

Would You Rather:

1. Have a white Christmas or a warm Christmas?

2. Receive a gift or share an experience?

3. Receive eggnog or fruit cake as a gift?

4. Play outside, build a snowman, and sled or stay inside drinking hot chocolate and reading a good book when it snows?

5. Shop in New York City for gifts or shop online in your pajamas?


If You Could:

1.     Have Christmas at home or in a new destination, what would you choose?

2.     Only have one Christmas song available to hear over the Christmas season, which one would you choose?

3.     Start a new tradition, what would it be?

4.     Spend Christmas at the beach or in the mountains, what would you choose?

5.     Plan your Christmas Eve and Christmas Day meals, what would you plan to have?

Fun Christmas Questions and Trivia for Family and Road Trips


Tell Me About:

1. Your favorite Christmas tradition.

2. Your favorite memory playing in the snow.

3. Your craziest or most memorable Christmas experience.

4. The best gift you’ve ever received.

5. Your favorite Christmas ornament.


Christmas Trivia:

1. What country is known to have started the Christmas tree tradition?

Answer: Germany.

2.  What Christmas song was the first to be broadcast from space in 1965?

Answer: Jingle Bells. Cool!

3. What Christmas decoration was originally made from tin?

Answer: Tinsel. When we lived in Vermont for a summer, we met David Claggett from Artistry in Tin who still makes traditional tin tinsel!

4.  What traditional Christmas decoration is actually a parasitic plant?


5. What state is home to a town named Christmas?

Florida. I found other Christmas towns from this article. There’s also: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Santa Claus, Indiana and Santa Claus, Georgia ; North Pole, Alaska; Snowflake, Arizona; Noel, Missouri; Rudolph, Wisconsin; Evergreen, Alabama; Joy, Illinois; Christmas Valley, Oregon

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20 Fun Christmas Questions & Trivia

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